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Land Art

Boundary line

Together with Marijke Troost I marked a row of trees as a form of boundary. Boundary is an action of placement, the (re) signing of space. We present the trees as a border and thus draw a line in the landscape. We introduce a new order. In this way we create a situation of accessibility as well as of closedness. (Wessem, 2013)


Working with and in the landscape is an interaction with the environment. One tries to strengthen the character of the place by working with the things and materials that are present in the environment, that belong to the place. By making a minimal change you make a statement about the place (Soestduinen, 2011).




On the ground of the forest lay many old, decayed branches. The wood is white on the inside. I used the old material to create a new unity of branches that meanders like a long line into the forest.  (Old Amelisweerd, 2015)


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