My works comprise sculpture, drawings, video, installation and land art. I seek to trace the internal structure of things: of organisms, of botanical textures in the bark of trees, of the earth with geological forces that work within it. I explore forms of life that are hidden, and that have their own complex inner connections. Like the micro-bacterial world in our body; a life system in a pool; the geological world below the earth's surface. These are parallel worlds that show the changes we are currently experiencing: climate change, immigration and innovative scientific discoveries. They put us in a domain of ​​ignorance. In this space between discovery and "not knowing" I create my work.

In my work, the drawings and sculptures compete for their place and they alternate. The drawing is desire, passion and the pursuit of the unreachable. In the drawing I explore processes of growth and transformation in material and in landscape. The sculptural works are about the reality that forces itself into matter, gravity, within the limits of the possible and the feasible. My works are in the midst of time. They embody a moment before change. The moment is the essential point, the turning point in the course of events.



2003 HKU University of the Arts, Utrecht (the Netherlands)

1995 Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem (Israel)


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