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Touching (aanraken)

Together with artists Anke van den Borne and Eline Peek I performed the art project ‘Touching’. The aim of the project was to show the inside of the making process. After two years of keeping our distance and staying indoors due to Covid we asked ourself how do we as a society get back in touch and get closer together? How can we as artists meet? What happens if we make our creative processes visible to each other? What kind of works will arise? In this way we investigated the creative process and ideas such as influence, sharing and limitation in a continuous dialogue of making.

Looking through, pencil on window foil 


For this purpose, we decided to move into the ground floor of an empty shop space in Utrecht, as a temporary residence. During a period of six weeks we shared the place to work on our individual art works. Starting from the individual creative process, we asked each other questions, we wrote letters to one another and we left written notes next to the works. Once a week we opened the doors for public.


The project was financed by an IMPULS grant of the Municipality of Utrecht (March-April 2022).

Costline, Plywood, cardboard, brick

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